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Pillow Talk

First story. Don't go easy on me. I need that constructive criticism stuff.

This is the second time I'm writing this story. The first time, lj lost my entry.
I'm mad now.

X-posted to my own journal.

Title: Pillow Talk
Pervs: Rape, MF

He started by kissing my neck. We were sitting alone in my best friend's bedroom, watching the smoke drift across the wall. She was passed out on the bed, stoned off her ass. My world teetered, drifting back and forth. Her brother buried his face into my neck. He licked me up and down, lifting up my skirt and petting my pussy through my thong.

I brushed him off. "What're you doing? Stop."
He pushed forward, wrapping a hand around my jaw. He nibbled on my neck, snaking his tongue up to my ear. He bit my ear lobe.
"Stop." I pushed his face away.

He smacked me and grabbed hold of my hair. He pulled a knee out from underneath me and pushed me to the floor. He smothered my head into a pillow. He leaned his weight against me and whispered into my ear. "Sh-sh-sh."

I struggled against his grip and he pulled my head up by the hair. "Don't be so fussy. I'll only be a minute." He pulled my thong to the side and burrowed a single finger into my pussy. I yelped and bucked against him.

"Excited, are we?"
"Oh my God, please stop."

He worked his finger in and out of me, pushing hard against the walls of my vagina. After a minute, he pressed another into me, stretching my cunt. They were the first things to ever be inside of me. I could feel him growing against my leg, through his pants.

"Ever been fisted?"
"No. Don't. Don't, please."

He jammed the last fingers in forcefully. I felt like it was pulling me apart. I never knew it could be so awful, so painful, having my cunt stretched apart like that.
He pumped me, hard, grunting as he fucked me with his fist. I cried and writhed against him. "Oh, please, this can't be happening," I gasped, crying.

He pulled his hand out of me and fumbled with his pants. Barely, as I heard him unzipping, he was thrusting his hips against me. I felt his penis slap against my ass rhythmically. I cried and stretched away from him, despite the pain from him pulling my hair.

"No. No. Please don't. I'm a virgin. Please just stop."

I felt the warm, wet pressure of his dick against my pussy lips, scouting out for my hole. He seperated my lips with his fingers, then stretched my cunt open with them. He fit his cock between his fingers and shoved through. He grabbed both sides of my hips and pushed, tearing through the resistance of my virgin pussy.

I screamed as he sunk deep into me. He sighed and pulled back. And then pushed forward. And pulled back...
He gained speed and started hammering my pussy, slapping my ass at the same time.
He grunted, "oh God. Mmph."

He slapped my ass several more times, then wrapped his fingers in my hair again.
He pulled it back as he thrust into me. I felt like he would break me in two. He used my hair to pull my body against his as he pounded me. Hot tears dripped from chin onto the pillow below. I was covered in his sweat, filled by the sound of his grunting and moaning penetrating the air around me.

His body tightened and he plowed into me like a jackhammer. My tits bounced painfully against each other, faster and faster. He jerked my hair as far back as it would go without pulling my head off and I felt his hot semen pour into me. My thighs were drenched from the both of us and I felt something wet streaming down to my knees.

He collapsed on top of me, pushing us both into the ground. I tried to breath evenly, my face buried into the pillow. I watched my best friend's still sleeping body only a few feet away.

I passed out like that.

Again, constructive criticism appreciated. Don't be shy.

Also, if anyone knows of any other smut fiction communities, could you pass me on the link?


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