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Clothes Pin

Constructive criticism always welcome.

Title: Clothes Pin
Pervs: Public Sex

There's no attendant guarding the dressing room entrance.

She pulls him in, throwing glances over her shoulder, but no one is looking. They giggle, finding an empty stall near the middle. They rush in, locking the door behind them.

They kiss inside and his pants are down in an instant. "What if someone sees both our feet?" she says.

"Lean onto the seat," he says, and she does, placing both hands on it. He grabs her by the thighs and lifts her up against his hips. Between the two of them, she balances.

He pushes her skirt forward to find a bare, wet pussy. He plays with it for a minute, running his fingers up and down her lips, inside and out.

She looks over her shoulder. "I'm hungry," she says. She pushes against the seat, trying to align her pussy with his dick.

He repositions them, resting his cock against her thigh. He continues to stroke her pussy, just narrowly avoiding her most sensitive, wanting, areas. He lets his fingers run from her lips, to the tops of her thighs, to around the curve of her ass. One hand roams forward, under her shirt, searching out a tit. She squirms. "Oh my God, stop teasing me."

He pushes her hips down onto his cock, searching her hole out. She arches her back, raising her pussy up to him. He spreads her lips open with his hands and presses forward.

Outside, they hear voices. Girls, chattering amongst themselves.

She looks at him over her shoulder, suppressing a giggle. He shrugs and continues to try to fit his cock into her small opening. He submerges both thumbs inside her, and pulls her cunt open wider. She shudders as his dick penetrates her and his hands move back to her ass.

The girls outside enter other stalls, talking while they change.
"I can't believe that they don't make this in my size."
"I can't believe I thought I liked these pants."
"I wonder if I should get this in a small."

He pulls her hips inwards, grunting, barely audible, as her pussy swallows his cock. He bites his lips and rocks her hips in and out. She uses her grip on the seat to thrust against his body in time.

He leans forward and licks down her spine, sending shivers across every nerve in her body. With one hand still on her ass, he grasps her shoulder with the other. He uses his grip to drive into her. He pumps her cunt forward while jerking her shoulers and hips back onto him.

They fuck quietly while the other girls go about their own business on the other side of paper-thin walls.
"I wonder if they have this in blue."
"Hey, that looks good on you!"

He digs his nails into the soft flesh of her ass, grinding her hips into his own. She grits her teeth, resisting the urge to moan or call out some dirty phrase. He begins to pound her, knocking her head against the wall.

Involuntarily, she lets out a breath and her pussy tightens around his cock. Her cunt squeezes him again and again, pushing him over the edge and he bursts inside her. He leans back, face tilted to the ceiling, biting his lip as his cum rushes into her. She is watching him over her shoulder, her arrousal heightened by his orgasm.

He smiles when he looks back down at her, sweat running down his cheekbone from his brow. He leans down and fondles her tit while he relaxes. He stands, for a long time, head resting on her back, listening to the girls outside, wondering if they will leave soon.

"Did you see that new guy?"
"Which one?"
"The blond, you know. The cute one..."

Her legs are still wrapped around his waist and her wrists and knuckles have long since turned white. She switches from letting her head droop below her, to watching him over her shoulder. He raises a brow at her. She smiles and whispers so he can barely hear, "should we just go?"

He laughs and looks back, towards the sound of their voices, staring at nothing but the door. He turns back to her, "what do you think they would do?"
"Tell their friends about it."

He lets her down and grabs his pants from the floor. He fumbles with his junk, stuffing it back into his boxers before zipping back up, while she straightens her hair in the mirror.

When they leave the stall, there's only one girl looking herself up and down in the outside mirrors. She catches their reflection and spins around to look at them emerging from the same stall. She stares at them for a minute as they wave. She smiles and the words, "oh my God," form on her lips without sound. She knocks on her friend's door as they exit.


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