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Once upon a time in a faraway land .....

Once upon a time in a faraway land lived a woman by the name of Samantha. Samantha had long dark hair and bright blue eyes. She was tall for a Bookitpizzarellu woman at about 5 foot 5. She was 23 and unmarried which was old for the time. But many of the young men had been killed in the chocolate wars of the previous years. The chocolate wars were about who would control the chocolate in the area. The Gibitxiz thought that they should. A treaty was finally agreed and the neighboring nations split the border industry. They were a long dark 10 years in the Bookitpizzarellu history. The country was just recovering.

Samantha's father was a chief of war and decided it was time for her to be married whether she consented or not. He had always indulged the girl as many Bookitpizzarellu men did, but in times like this she needed to stop being picky and deal with reality. She didn't want an older man, she didn't want a weak man, and she didn't want a foreign man. Samantha's father was bored with it really and decided to trade her for peace and end the chocolate wars for good hopefully, which was his right. He would get a Gibitxiz girl to make his second wife and he would give Samantha to the Gibitxiz's chief of wars son. The son was a bit odd but Samantha would have to deal with it since she would not choose a husband for herself and was still pining on a dead neighbor boy.

Samantha cried when she heard the news but understood her father’s decision and knew she would obey. The day of the marriage her mother, aunts and neighbor women came to prepare her. They waxed her body hair for the first time. She didn’t know anything could hurt so much. They oiled her skin and painted her face. They dressed her in a corset so tight she thought she would faint and could hardly breathe. Her mother warned her against crying and ruining her painted face. She bit her lip and obeyed. She wore undergarments that allowed access to her breasts, buttocks and vagina. She never felt so uncomfortable before. They put her in a dress that was buttoned to her throat tightly and laced to make the corset tighter. She felt very confined and could hardly move. The last preparation after a bit of perfume was to braid her hair in a particular family pattern around her face. Then it was symbolic among the Bookitpizzarellu, but as was custom her mother tied her hands behind her back with a silk rope and hobbled her feet. This was how she was to stay until after the wedding ceremonies when her new husband would take her home and release her bindings and undress her. Her mother and female relatives’ only advice was to obey her new husband, being Bookitpizzarelluian women they did not know what this would entail. The Gibitxiz were much more harsh and strict towards women.

The wedding ceremony went so quickly Samantha almost thought it was unreal. When they lifted her veil to kiss her new husband after she agreed to accept him she was terrified when she looked into his dark unforgiving eyes. How could her father give her to such a man? He was tall and handsome but looked terrifying. The party after she sat next her new husband feeling numb. He gave her a few harsh commands. There was none of the laughter that she saw between her friends and their new husbands at their weddings. He told her she was to do exactly as he commanded at all times or suffer severe penalties. He told her that he still hated the Bookitpizzarellu as they were the cause of three of his brother’s deaths. He told her he planned on using her well and she had better please him. He told her she was not to speak and not to look up. He only spoke like this to her when the guests were out of ear shot of course. He was responsible for feeding her that day as was custom. He gave her a few tidbits of left-over food from his own plate when someone mentioned it and a half a glass of wine. When he gave her the wine he whispered in her ear that if she spilled even a drop of it she would be a very sorry girl later that evening. Samantha had never been so frightened or had ever had anyone treat her so harshly.

As the night got darker and was about to end Samantha got more and more nervous. Her family noticed, but they thought she was just overreacting as lots of new brides do on their wedding night. A little anxious about becoming a women perhaps. They thought this was amusing as she was way too old to be a girl.

Her family and friends made their rounds and all kissed her and wished her well. Toasts and celebrations were ending. Her new husband looked at her with a half-smile. He was a little drunk and told her lets go now. He grabbed her arm roughly and half dragged her as she was hobbled to his horse threw her over it, got on himself and started riding towards his castle. Over the wide grasslands and into the trees crossing a small river with a peasant village near it. Samantha's arms were almost numb and aching at the same time from being tied behind her so long and the ride was not helping. She begged him to be released. He Slapped her hard across her face and explained to her that she would be released when he was ready to release her and not before. She was crying now. When he noticed he slapped her hard again and told her to quit fussing or she would be very sorry later. She bit her lip and calmed herself down.

About an hour later they arrived at his castle. It was the biggest most majestic castle Samantha had ever seen. Most of the windows were stained glass and it was set on a hill. The castle was surprisingly unarmed as this was a time of peace. There were two guards that greeted them. One guard saw Samantha's condition and grinned. Samantha shivered when he looked at her. The guard asked her husband if he would ever get a night with the woman. Her husband grinned slapped Samantha's ass and said tonight she is mine. I am making her a woman. Maybe in a few weeks. Samantha was humiliated and mortified. NO one seemed concerned.

Her husband easily lifted her off the horse and half dragged her to his chambers. So much had happened in the last few hours she was overwhelmed and did not even notice where she was being dragged through. He threw her on the bed instructed her to sit and he would be back. She obeyed. The bed felt so soft and the spread was beautifully embroidered in gold and dark red and she wished she could just sleep, she knew that probably was not an option. She thought about running but she was hobbled and her hands were tied behind her back. She was scared to move from where she was told to sit. Looking around the room she saw plush carpets except on the side of the room where the bed was only a bare stone covering. There were hooks in the ceiling she did not see a purpose to. There was another room off to the side she tried to glance in she thought it might be a bathroom. Then she heard his heavy footsteps and her heart started beating fast and she got very nervous. He relieved his bladder, and came back with clamps, a whip, a blindfold, some straps of leather binding, and a knife. She started out right sobbing when she saw these things. In exchange she got slapped in the face three times extremely hard. All he said was calm it girl. He had no intention of releasing her bindings tonight at all. He had decided in his mind that if she behaved herself as he instructed at all times he would try and be a good husband to her even though she was a child of the enemy. He wasn't being too much harsher than his culture permitted but he always would be a little harsher for she was an enemy. He never planned to let her sleep unbound.

So he started cutting her dress off with the knife. Samantha looked at him like she thought he was going to kill her. This annoyed him and turned him on at the same time. Once the dress was off of her he made her stand. He walked around her and grinned. Especially with the corset she looked very appetizing. She finally spoke to him and said “please don't hurt me; I will be a good wife". He smiled at this and told her, “I know you will, but I will hurt you as much and any time I please. Tonight I will show you what you will get for fussing and misbehaving, and carrying on as you did today. I will use you harshly and then I will take your girlhood from you. Hopefully you will bear me many children. I know Bookitpizzarellu men allow their women to act however they please. You will not be so free here. You will never sleep unbound because you are a child of the enemy, you will do what I say at all times or will be harshly punished. You may even be harshly punished on occasion because it might amuse me or to remind you to behave. Do you understand wife?"

Samantha looked at him with fear and hate. She started bawling again. He was bored of explaining to her that she wasn’t to cry. He got a leather strap and put it around her neck and tied it tight but loose enough so she could breathe and tied the other end to a slot in the ceiling. He looked at her medium sized firm tits and commented that her tits could be a little bigger. She told him to leave her alone and go frack himself. He gave her his half grin and said you shouldn’t have said that. Do you think you are in a position to be so hostile? He hit her in the tit so hard it bruised almost instantly. She gasped and thought he was going to kill her. Then he did the same to the other one. "Anything else to say you little Bookitpizzarelluian whore?" Then he hit her hard in the cunt. "I asked you a question." She shook her head. He hit her in the face, "when I ask you a direct question you had better give me a direct answer, otherwise you need not speak. She said, "No I have nothing else to say husband". "Good whore" he then took the clamps and clamped her nipples and clit a little tighter then pleasurable. For in his culture they were trained to do this from boyhood and he knew how far he could and should go to teach her who was boss. He twisted the clamps watching her squirm and trying to contain herself against screaming. She gasped and silent tears were now flowing. He was ok with that at least the bitch was quiet. Then he picked up the candle from the nightstand and decided to drip a little of the hot wax over her breasts. She screamed when the first drop of wax hit her. He dropped some more wax making sure it went onto her sore nipples. Samantha did not know what to think she just sobbed.

He put his big hand a little tighter than necessary around her throat " now whore I am going to do a slut check. If I find that you have been used and I have a defiled wife you will be sorry every day that we are married" with this he stuck his hands up her cunt and smiled to himself that the dumb whore was wet. And that he hit a hymen and was blocked. Then just to get her used to it he stuck his fingers in her ass. She squirmed and started begging for him to stop again. So he did what any man would do and put another finger in her tight little pink butt hole. She started begging and crying again. He stuck one more in and started stroking in and out a little harshly. Then he pulled them out got the whip and whipped her ass until it was hot red. She was bawling he figured he should just stop commenting on it at this point. He whipped her cunt a few times and her tits for good measure. She started begging again so he slapped her red hot tight ass as hard as he could and told her to stop being a whiny cunt which for some reason just made her cry more. He whipped her tits a couple more times until the wax was off, then got behind her put his penis near her ass hole (he wanted to make this last all night and figured he would save her virgin pussy for later). As an afterthought he took a few seconds to get some of her pussy juice and wet his cock with it. He had planned on entering her ass gently. He knew how painful it could be. Part of his training was to be fucked several different ways there. But she wouldn't behave. She kept squirming carrying on and whining so he rammed her good. He grabbed her sore tits hard and slammed against her almost raw buttocks. He was glad for the sound proof room so the other occupants of the castle wouldn't be bothered. She screamed louder than he has ever heard someone scream and he was a warrior. For some reason this encouraged him and he pounded her harder and harder till he came in her tight sore ass. He pulled her tight and kissed her neck at this point and hugged her.

She was mentally and physically exhausted and battered. But he did not care to be done yet. He figured he would give her a break for a few minutes and he untied her leather strap from the ceiling. He did not want her to fall asleep so he made her kneel on the ceramic floor and allowed her to rest her head on the ground with her arms and legs still bound and the corset still tight. He tied the leather to strap around her neck to bed. He told her he would be back shortly and asked her if she would like a glass of water. She continued sobbing so he said "so be it" and left the room bolting the door locked behind him. She would also have to earn free rein of the castle he thought. He also thought that training a foreign wife might be difficult. Hopefully it turns out worthwhile. It pleased his father for him to marry the bitch.

He came back a few minutes later. He thought at least she had the good sense to stay as I had left her. He grabbed her face and told her she was going to drink some water. He knew she must need it. She was thirsty; she squirmed and moaned a little but complied. He then explained to her that this lovely evening they were enjoying together would not be over until she was used in every hole and that if she wanted to sleep on the bed instead of the floor standing up or in a cage she had better get her act together and do as she was told. He told her that only good wife's get to sleep in beds in this territory. That he has power over her life and death as it is the custom of the land. She thought about this and shivered. He smiled and told her he had no intention of killing a perfectly good fuck toy but he had no qualms about giving her a painful and less than desirable life. He instructed her to get over his knee. After that conversation she complied easily. He spanked her hard once. Then told her she was to count and thank him after he each hit or he was going to start over and he was already planning on a high number that he wasn’t going to tell her. She complied through tears. He hit her until her ass was turning a steamy rosy red and was hot to the touch. She isn’t going to be able to use that comfortably for a bit, it will be a good lesson for her, he thought. Then he made her get on her knees and told her she was to get him off with just her mouth. She looked at him pleadingly so he slapped her face grabbed her hair and started face fucking her and choking her with his huge cock. He told her "This would have been easier on you if you would have complied slut. If you dribble one drop of my cum you will be sorry you are to swallow it all". He then released into her mouth. She had never even heard of such an act and dribbled his cum all over her chin and the floor. "Slut lick it up NOW" She complied. Then he decided to tie her upside down with her legs spread from the strong wooden bedpost from her feet after removing her corset. He whipped her inner thighs and cunt till she couldn’t even scream anymore. He whipped her tits and her belly a few times. "This is what happens to little wifey foreign whores who fail to obey you got that". "Yes husband she whispered. I will do as you command" , she replied through tears. He smiled.

He left her there for a few minutes cleaned himself up got a glass of wine and was relaxing. Then he went back in untied her and told her he thought it was time that she became a woman. He asked her "Are you ready to be my wife?" She replied softly "if it pleases you husband" He then untied her hands and massaged her arms a bit as the blood rushed back because he was not completely thoughtless. "You may stretch slut" She started stretching when he slapped her sore pussy hard and said "you didn’t thank me. You still are not polite. Oh well you will learn. Time for you to become a woman". He took each arm and tied it to a bed post tightly and her spread eagled on the bed. She looked beautiful and helpless. She was covered in welts from him everywhere. He smiled to himself. He did well for a first wife even though she was foreign. He flicked the clamps that were still on her breasts and clit. She whimpered pathetically. He sat there pulling on them and twisting them. She just moaned and whimpered. He then released them one by one she almost screamed as the blood rushed back but thought better of it. Her pussy was so sore and he knew it. He told her he would take her softly and she had learned her lessons well. He fucked her sore body gently for hours. The only time she screamed was when he took her girl hood. He knew every move he made she felt intensely because of the harsh beating and treatment she endured, but that she was enjoying this. Finally he came and he laid on her for a moment when he was done grunting and groaning. He stroked her body and said if you are good to me I will be good to you. You will learn to like how I treat u. She just nodded. He untied her and held her and kissed her neck. Walked her to the bathroom and told her to clean herself up and relieve herself as it suited her. He watched as she did. Then he bound her hands in the silk in front of her and bound that to her neck. He rehobbled her feet together. Tied a long piece of leather around her waist leaving slack so she could sleep comfortably and tied this to the bed. Then he held her kissed her and they drifted off to sleep. Well at least he did.

End of part 1-

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