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Rapey ~ Abductiony

She'd met him online, swapping stories of past exploits with ever increasing levels of detail and depravity.

It didn't take long before she'd spread herself open and admitted her biggest fantasy - to be abducted and raped by a group of anonymous well-built men.

But this wasn't how she thought it would be ..

At first he'd been gentle, and suprisingly attractive. She'd half suspected he only met people online because he was ugly or uninteresting in the flesh. Instead he was big, very big, and very self-assured.

The meeting went well, and she was happy to accept a ride home. She confessed that she'd been too embaressed to tell anybody that she was meeting somebody she'd found in a chatroom.

Looking back that was when things started to go wrong. He'd looked across at her slowly and intensely and asked her is she was worried that he was going to abduct her.

She'd laughed a little too nerveously and shaken her head. Looking down at her feet in a moment realising that she really didn't know that much about her date.

That was when she saw that cold smile of his for the first time, when he said "And that was your second mistake...".

Even now she didn't know what he meant, what her first mistake was. Maybe agreeing to meet him at all?

In any case it was too late, she was now hanging suspended by her wrists screaming in a broken wail as the whip came down, over and over again.

Relentlessly her attacker was slicing into her flesh with the long thick whip as she slowly swayed from side to side.

She could hear the voices of the other men who'd arrived shortly after he'd called them:

"I've got another cunt ready for playtime..."

That was the first thing he'd said to her as he'd driven her to his garage, and then dragged her kicking and screaming into the large basement.

Inside was barely lit, but the things she could see filled her with horror. There were arrays of clamps, whips, and bundles of chains and rope haning from metal hooks driven into the uneven brickwork. And even worse looking things whos purpose she couldn't guess - but she knew they were for causing pain.

There wasn't even any plaster on the walls, the whole place smelt of stale urine and an earthy smell she couldn't identify.

Effortlessly he'd punched her face and dragged her to her feet. First she'd tried to scream, to reason with him, but it was all in vain. He just ignored her words. Picking her up and chaining her hands together, ignoring her protests.

Then she'd felt herself raised upright even more as he'd hooked the cuffs to a rope suspended by a pully on the ceiling. Slowly she'd risen, first until she was standing, then raised upon her toes, finally swaywing freely and kicking her legs randomly trying to take the pressure from her strained shoulders and bleeding wrists.

The metal dug into her painfully, already tearning her skin. She could feel the blood dripping thickly and stickily, congealing in the cold.

Then he'd just turned his back and left her to scream herself into exhaustion.

She'd almost fallen asleep, head dropped and exhausted. Weak from the punches, kicks, and pain of her arrival. Drooling and unable to wash the tears from her face.

Then he'd returned. Standing behind her to place a thick blindfold over her face and rip the clothes from her body. Tearing them easily with a very sharp knife.

She felt the point sinking into her skin as he pushed it through her clothes, and then dragged it down, cutting her and ripping the fabric away. Leaving her naked and covered in even more blood.

None of the wounds were serious, but she found herself wondering if they'd scar, if she'd escape from here and bear the marks forerver.

Then the phonecall was made, and she knew. Knew that she'd never leave here alive.

Too helpless all she could do was sob as she was bit by the flesh of the whip, over and over. All around her body were welts of pure agony, and that was just the start.

When the others arrived she'd finally get what she wished for, what she'd thought she wanted.

Already she wished it were over... All over.

So I created our_porn and posted this here first, I saw adult_fiction had gone and hadn't spotted this new replacement. Oops.


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