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adult_fiction_2's Journal

Adult Fiction REDUX
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The original Adult_Fiction group died, and can’t be resurrected, so I created this group to replace it. We want stories from your heart, mind, and groinal area. The rules are simple here:

1. Take your writing seriously. This means that you proof read, you spell check, etc. Artistic license is allowed, as long as it’s obviously thought out (Faulkner went whole chapters without punctuation, but he was Faulkner for Cris’sake). We all have errors, gaffes, the misspelling, the thing you thought you took out – but make an effort. This is your art. We will read it seriously, so write it seriously.

2. Be hot. This is adult fiction, so it should be a turn on. Something sexy. I realize we all have different tastes here, but if you are writing to your taste in Erotica, that’s good enough for us.

3. LABEL YOUR PERV – Before the cut give us a TITLE, and a synopsis outlining the basic thrust of your perv. For Example:
a. "Innocents in Amsterdam" M/F, F/F, Wife, Group, Inter - Naïve wife goes crazy with the sexin’ after a hash brownie.
b. These story codes mean that it features Male-Female sex, Female on Female sex, a Married woman, Group Sex, and Interracial Sex. These are just some of the codes used on the Alt.Sex.Stories newsgroup, don’t feel you need to use them. But you should let people know what they are getting into. If you are dealing with gay/bi sex, don’t make it a surprise. Medieval setting? Let us know ahead of time. People get freaked out by some surprising things, so don’t surprise them.

4. ALL STORY BODIES BEHIND CUT. I write long stories, and I hope you do, too. Use the cut, keep the friends page manageable. It’s easy to do, and makes us happy.

5. You might not like this one, but NO FAN FICTION. The reason for this is that FanFic (using pre-existing characters from another source) is that this really it’s own genre, with it’s own support groups and sites. I am outlawing this for the same reason we will bust you for plagiarism – it’s not really your characters. Original fiction, from your own fruitful mind, that’s what I want.

6. BE NICE. If you want criticism, ask for it, and you will get it. If someone does not ask for criticism, then don’t rip it apart. If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all. Remember, if it’s not your cup of tea, then there is no reason to announce to the world you don’t like it. If a writer wants some notes, be constructive. Think about how to improve it, don’t just cut it down.

7. NKNP. That means No Kids, No Pets. Is this limiting artistic expression? Yes, it is. I know that underage characters appear in great books, from Lolita to The Story of the Eye, and Nude Men. But not here. Why? I don't need the hassle of some alarmist shrew complaining to the new Corporate Owners of LJ, and us getting banned in a sweeping Zero Tolerance policy action. And you know that some uptight, miserable gadfly will complain - you know it as well as I do. You can ageplay, but no babyfucking allowed. No horsecock either, I don't care if Catherine the Great indulged in it, you can't post it here. Someone will cry 'abuse', and it's back to ban city. LJ is corporation with stockholders, so this is the way it goes.